All about blackjack

Blackjack is a card game which is very popular in casino and belongs to the type of table games. This game is strategical and has a lot of tactics. Before playing Blackjack on money it is better to elaborate appropriate skills in free online casino. The second name of this card game is Twenty one, which was founded because of the main meaning of the game.

Blackjack overview

Blackjack is played by variety of people that are restricted by the betting areas on each gaming table. Each table has so called betting rectangular fields that are defined as "boxes". Bets can vary from table to table. Each gambler choses the most appropriate for him. Cards have their values.

The combination of Ace and 10th is called Blackjack.

Process of the game

The meaning of the game is to collect the maximum number of point that shouldn't exceed 21 point. First of all players make their bets. Dealer starts passing cards turn by turn. One he takes for himself and two cards passes to players. All cards are lying faced up. If initial two cards are Blackjack, dealer will pays off bet in correlation 3 to 2. If player doesn't like his cards, he may take more cards improving his combination. In case if the amount of points will be more than 21 player loses his bet. Dealer should also take cards until the number of points will be 17 or more.

Possibilities of gamers

In comparison with dealer, gamers may carry out some additional actions:

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